Richard Trevithick, a British mechanical engineer and inventor who successfully invented high-pressure steam engine at the turn of the 18th century.  His most significant contributions were the development of the semi portable stationary steam engine which is called ‘barn engine’ in 1812. It was used to drive a corn threshing machine.

Trevithick is a titan of the industrial revolution, best known for pioneering inventions that would transform the lives of millions across the world. The high-pressure steam engine would have eased the life of many people during that century which were then brought along with a modernized technology to fulfil the needs of this new era. The steam engine, which harnessed power from the expansion of heated water, is often cited as the single most important invention of the Industrial Revolution, principally because so many other important subsequent inventions used it as their power source.

The all-terrain vehicle certainly rouses the passion of its’ owners where during this time, farmers realized the value of using ATC for work and 3-wheels market tapped into a new demographic. Trevithick engineering and other manufacturers began addressing the popularity of 3-wheelers by cranking out new models